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Learn how to create your own community development projects!
What is Athens County Together (ACT)?
This is a yearlong annual program, which pairs teams of diverse community-based volunteers with Athens County staff and area stakeholders to assist citizens and communities with improvement efforts. This program aims to increase collaboration within communities county-wide and provide an open line of communication to discuss resources to address community needs.
The online guide Athens County Together will lead you towards your community project implementation. This guide has been developed by CreateCulture Inc. in the partnership with Athens City-County Health Department, Athens County Regional Planning Commission and accumulated experience of Athens County Community Improvement Challenge 2017-2019.
The website is organized into 7 learning modules, which are accompanied by a corresponding practical guide. Lesson topics cover: team development and teamwork, assessment of your community, development of ideas and project design, community engagement, budgeting partnership and fundraising, laws and regulations, and marketing and communication. Each lesson contains a video, interview with an expert, and task. Completion of the practical guide will walk individuals and teams through the project planning process. A completed practical guide for the team will serve as a funding request.

Why Participate?
Each Community Team will receive $1,000 from the Athens County Commissioners for
implementation of a community improvement project. Upon submission of a community
improvement project plan (the Team's Completed Practical Guide). Are there things in your
community you would like to see improved? This program is an opportunity to use your social power to work to implement positive change.

Which communities can participate?
Athens County's incorporated villages, census designated areas, and
unincorporated communities are all encouraged to participate
The team will submit a completed Team Guide which is a project(s) plan for implementation.

Media Library

We have prepared for you a Media Library where you can find videos, films, methodological materials, and links to the other free educational opportunities, grants, and community contacts including local media!

Sharing Stories
There is an opportunity to share your story of a project implementation and results with ACT. Send us the content once you're ready. When we get enough stories, we will create a blog.
Lesson #1 Dream Team
This lesson is about team building, leadership roles, and partnering with experts. Being inclusive and passionate about your project will inspire others to join your team.

Lesson #2 GETTING TO KNOW YOUR community
Research can sound boring, but we have provided you with methods that get you outside of the "lab" and put you in the heart of the community. Never be afraid to ask questions. Knowledge is power.

Lesson #3 How to develop an idea and design a project
We will discuss project design and its importance in planning, defining a problem, need, or asset within your community, and the significance of having goals and objectives to achieve the desired outcome.

Lesson #4 Community engagement
We will provide tools to help you engage your community, plan workshops, ensure sustainability, and deal with potential conflict.

Lesson #5 Budgeting, Partnership, and Fundraising
This lesson deals with the basics of how to create a budget and what to consider when planning a budget. This lesson also teaches you to partner with local businesses and organizations to help implement your ideas.

Knowing the basic laws and regulations in your community will help you to better understand the full extent of what you can and cannot do for your project. The other key element in this lesson is the importance of working with local officials and their staff. We will discuss the importance of local government partnerships.

In our last lesson we will go over ways to communicate your project goals and vision to both your community as well as to the world. We will also talk about ways to promote and market your event, as well as how to raise awareness about the issue you are trying to solve.
Celestia HatHhorn
AmeriCorps VISTA
Kari Boyle
Athens City-County Health Department, Health Educator
Jesse Stock
Athens County Foundation,
Program Director
Patty Mitchell
Passion Works Studio,
Founder/Executive Director
Gary Goosman
Village of Amesville,
Emily Prince
Stuart's Opera House,
Education Director
Paige Alost
Athens County Visitor's Bureau,
Executive Director
createculture inc.
Idea and development
athens city-county health department
Collaborators and Curators
athens county REGIONAL planning commission
Collaborators and Curators

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Sincere thanks to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which supported the 2020 Athens
County Together Program with Community Collaborative Learning Funds grant to develop the
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