Team Building
How to deal with Conflict
Have you ever been working as part of a team and there has been a disagreement or two?
Of course you have. Conflict is a natural part of working in a team. Watch our 2 minute training video on Conflict Management.

community development story
Would you like to know more about community development? Check out this video!

Know your community better
Patty Mitchell
TEDx Strouds Run
Transforming Institutions into Making Spaces
Patty Mitchell is the Founder and Executive Director of Passion Works Studio in Athens, Ohio. She has worked for more than 25 years as an artist and social innovator, specializing in collaborations between artists with and without perceived differences. Enjoy her inspirational speech at TEDx Strouds Run
State of Creativity: Creative Placemaking
The concept of "creative placemaking," the integration of a community's artistic and cultural assets in community planning and revitalization, is gaining momentum in places like Boyle Heights.

Change your community: Keep dreaming
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. "My son believes he can be a dentist during the day, a superhero at night, and on Sundays play NFL football," says Sedrik Newbern. In this talk, hear him encourage youth to not get their dreams snatched and recognize when your cup has a little extra so you can give that extra to someone else.
Building Community: Jessica Posner at TEDxMileHigh
When a problem presents itself, do you stand by and watch it happen or do you tackle it head on? For humanitarian Jessica Posner, the answer is simple: do something about it. As a twenty-five year old, Jessica went to live in one of Africa's largest slums, a place no foreigner had ever taken up residence, and co-founded an organization that combats extreme poverty and gender inequality. In this jaw-dropping talk, Jessica tells about risking comfort and safety, tackling issues head-on, and bringing passion to do good for others.

Jessica Posner
how to Give Away Free Food and Build Community!
The Food is Free Project is a community-building and food-growing initiative that began in 2012 in the USA and has taken root in many communities all over the world since then. This film is about the Food is Free laneway started by Lou Ridsdale in Ballarat, Australia. People leave excess food, seedlings, plants and even food scraps for composting on permanent tables set up in a laneway alongside Lou's home. Anyone can take food for free.

Placemaking and Community
Placemaking is about telling stories and it's the stories told that help people better understand and enhance the place where they live, work and play. Dr. Cara Courage is a collaborative placemaker, arts consultant, writer, researcher, curator and project manager, specialising in visual, live and social practice arts and the urban built environment.

Cara Courage
How to do Creative Placemaking: Digging Deep - Community Engagement Methods & Techniques
What methods and techniques can be utilized to engage multiple and varied community voices? How can project leaders create the conditions necessary to inspire participation and a sense of agency amongst residents and community stakeholders? Webinar participants will learn how to recognize existing assets their community and incorporate community voices into their process as part of an equitable, asset based approach to their creative placemaking projects

Site-Specific Participatory Art – with Gap Filler (NZ)
Artists and local governments want to engage communities in making authentic artworks in the public domain. But how does the best site-specific artwork happen? With visiting international guests Gap Filler (NZ), this workshop was about creating distinctive and participatory site-specific arts projects.We looked at best practice in commissioning and producing artworks that are participative, authentic, consultative and distinctive.
The Creative City: past present and future | Charles Landry
The Creative City Index assesses the creative pulse of places by exploring their urban dynamics, processes and projects. Cities are only creative if they display a culture, a set of attitudes and a mind-set open to imaginative thinking, visible in all sorts of initiatives. Charles Landry is an international authority on the use of imagination and creativity in urban change. He invented the concept of the Creative City in the late 1980's.
Creative Placemaking Now: Creative Placemaking in Rural Communities
The first in the Creative Placemaking Now: Our Town Panelists Speak About Current Trends, Challenges and Policies in the Creative Placemaking Field webinar series, held July 17, 2012. A brief presentation was given by NEA Design DIrector Jason Schupbach, followed by a discussion with Brent Leggs, Field Officer, National Trust for Historic Preservation; Donna Neuwirth, Executive Director, Wormfarm Institute; and Kennedy Smith, Principal, Community Land USE + Economics Group, LLC.
Creative Placemaking in a Rural Context
ArtPlace America, a collaboration of leading national and regional foundations, banks, and federal agencies, was founded to accelerate "creative placemaking"—that is, putting art at the heart of a portfolio of strategies to revitalize communities in ways nothing else quite can.
Bringing It Home: Lessons on Community Engagement
In these times of global challenge, how do we meet the needs of individuals, families and local communities while nurturing a sense of belonging, a capacity for resilience, and the ability to thrive? Gretchen discusses the importance of community in addressing the issues facing us today. Gretchen Krampf is a seasoned and sought-after leadership development and transformational coach.
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